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V922 Stock (Jan-2014, CH01=TH) Version:0.9b
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Here is how I got my V922 stocked (brushed, bought in Jan-2014) working. Getting the HT8 to get a signal took a while and to find all the servos took much longer. To try this out, remove the main gear or remove the blades - please don't hurt yourself cause all that bad karma is coming my way.

This are my findings for the 2014 V922:

CH02: CYC2 (AIL)
CH03: CYC1 (ELE)
CH04: Rud (remember it can only rotate the tail clockwise - left stick movement)
CH05: (Not assignet yet)
CH06: CYC3 (PIT)
CH09: R (50%) THR

For hovering (indoors) set SA↑ (up), this will set the CYC1/2/3 mixing rate to 20%, this might be a bit low, since I find myself doing big movements just to hover. For 3D this is 50%, but the throttle and pitch are much more agressive and it has an IDLE at 70%. If you hit this not at mid stick, your heli will take off or slam to the floor, so make you own adjustments first. CHECK the graphs.


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Created 2014-02-26
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