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INAV Lua Telemetry Version:1.7.2
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Lua Telemetry Flight Status for Taranis/Horus/Jumper T16 transmitters using FrSky SmartPort(S.Port), D-series, F.Port & TBS Crossfire telemetry.  Compatible with INAV and Betaflight.

Latest version, support, etc.: https://github.com/iNavFlight/LuaTelemetry











  • Works with all FrSky telemetry receivers (X, R9 and D series), all TBS Crossfire receivers, all FrSky Taranis and Horus transmitters, and the Jumper T16 transmitter
  • Compatible with Betaflight using FrSky X or R9 series receivers (with reduced functionality) and TBS Crossfire support with Betaflight 4.0.0+
  • Launch/pilot-based model orientation and location indicators (great for lost orientation/losing sight of your model)
  • Compass-based direction indicator (with magnetometer sensor on multirotor or fixed-wing with GPS)
  • Pilot (glass cockpit) view which includes attitude indicator as well as pilot-familiar layout of additional data
  • Radar (map) view shows model in relationship to home position, can be displayed either as launch/pilot-based or compass-based orientation
  • Altitude graph view shows altitude for the last 1-6 minutes
  • Horus and Jumper T16 transmitters show all views at the same time, and include additional features like roll scale
  • Bar gauges for Fuel (% battery mAh capacity remaining), Battery voltage, RSSI strength, Transmitter battery, GPS accuracy (HDOP), Variometer (and Altitude for X9D, X9D+ and X9E transmitters)
  • Display and voice alerts for flight modes and flight mode modifiers (altitude hold, heading hold, home reset, etc.)
  • Voice notifications for % battery remaining (based on current), voltage low/critical, high altitude, lost GPS, ready to arm, armed, disarmed, etc.
  • GPS info: Satellites locked, GPS accuracy (HDOP), GPS altitude, GPS coordinates. Also logs the last GPS location (reviewed from the config menu)
  • Display of current/maximum: Altitude, Distance, Speed and Current
  • Display of current/minimum: Battery voltage, RSSI strength
  • Title display of model name, flight timer, transmitter voltage and receiver voltage
  • Menu configuration options can be changed from inside the script and can be unique to each model
  • Speed and distance values are displayed in metric or imperial based on transmitter's telemetry settings
  • Voice files, modes and config menu in English, German, French or Spanish (more languages to follow)


  • OpenTX v2.2.2+ running on Taranis Q X7/Q X7S, X9D/X9D+, X9E, X9 Lite, X-Lite/X-Lite Pro, Horus X10/X10S or X12S (OpenTX v2.2.3+ is suggested)
  • Jumper T16 requires JumperTX 2.2.3+ (May 23, 2019 or after release)
  • FrSky X, R9 or D series telemetry receiver: X4RSB, X8R, XSR, R-XSR, XSR-M, XSR-E, RX4R, RX6R, XM, XM+, R9, R9 Slim, R9 Slim+, R9 Mini, R9 MM, D8R-II plus, D8R-XP, D4R-II, etc. or any TBS Crossfire receiver: Micro, Nano, Diversity, etc.
  • INAV v1.7.3+ running on your flight controller (INAV v2.1.0+ is suggested for full functionality) - Also compatible with Betaflight (with reduced functionality)
  • GPS - If you're looking for a GPS module, I suggest the Beitian BN-880

Suggested Sensors

  • Altimeter/barometer (GPS altitude used if barometer not present)
  • Magnetometer/compass for multi-rotor (fixed-wing craft use GPS for directional info)
  • Current/amperage (for fuel gauge)


  • INAV v2.1.0+ is required for TBS Crossfire support (some telemetry missing from Crossfire: HDOP, GPS altitude, variometer and heading hold notifications)
  • INAV v2.0.0+ is required for FrSky D-series telemetry and proper GPS accuracy (HDOP) display
  • If using pilot or radar view or a Horus transmitter and INAV v2.0+, set frsky_pitch_roll = ON in CLI settings for more accurate attitude display
  • INAV v1.9.1+ is required for F.Port compatibility
  • INAV v1.8.0+ is required for Home reset voice notification
  • OpenTX v2.2.2 (release version) is required for compatibility with Taranis X-Lite transmitter and Crossfire telemetry
  • Betaflight compatibility is mostly complete, except for some GPS and flight mode information missing from Betaflight
  • Use the OSD to control VTx band, frequency and power (Betaflight lua script can't be run at the same time as INAV Lua Telemetry due to limited transmitter memory)

Special Thanks

  • Team Black Sheep - Sponsoring TBS Crossfire telemetry support
  • FrSky - Sponsoring Horus transmitter support
  • Jumper - Sponsoring Jumper T16 transmitter support


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