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Sequential Switch
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This gives you up to 6 independent switches which can be toggled in sequence by 2 switches.

The 1st switch "Inc" cycles through the switches.

The 2nd switch "OnOff" toggles the switch.

So pressing "Inc" 2 times and then pressing "OnOff" toggles the 3rd switch.

The script has 3 parameters

"Inc" the cycle switch

"OnOff" the toggle switch

"Cycle" # of switches 1...6


You can cycle and toggle with just one switch,

see example for switch H SeqSw.otx.

Pressing switch H short (< 1 sec) cycles,

pressing switch H long (> 1 sec) toggles.


For each switch 1...6 the sound


followed by




is played.




copy SeqSw.lua to \SCRIPTS\MIXES

copy on.wav off.wav to \SOUNDS\\

install your own sounds 1.wav ... 6.wav in \SOUNDS\\

activate SeqSw.lua as a custom script in your taranis



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