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Mechanical CCPM Version:1.0
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  • Aileron servo is on channel 1
  • Elevator servo on channel 2
  • ESC or throttle servo on channel 3
  • Rudder servo on channel 4
  • Tail gyro gain output on channel 5
  • Collective pitch servo on channel 6

Idle-up is done with the SC switch.  SC↑ for takeoff.  SC- for idle-up 1.  SC↓ for idle-up 2.  I have idle-up 1 and 2 configured identically.

Curve 1 is the base throttle curve.  Curve 2 and 3 are idle-up throttle curves.

Curve 4 is the base collect pitch curve.  Idle-up use a linear 80% curve.

Throttle hold is on SF.  There are no protection features like "sticky" so if at any time hold is turned off the motor will reengage.


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