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Blade 270 Version:1.0
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  1. 3 Flight Modes controlled with SA ("Normal", "IdleUp" or "3D").
  2. SH for the panic mode.
  3. SB used for the dual rates.
  4. SE for the throttle cut-off.
  5. Gyro gain are coming from the user guide. I used this formula: (Spektrum x 2 - 100)/1.25
    You may need to adjust the gains.
  6. Trims are disabled (FBL module....).
  7. 0.5s of transition between each FM.
  8. Engine timer of 5 min with a count-down proportional to the throttle channel.
  9. Servos outputs are forced to +/-78.2% (100% Spektrum = 78.2% OpenTX), excepted for the channel 5. Indeed 125% (125% Spektrum = 100% OpenTX) is required to enabled the Panic mode.


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