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Blade 180CFX Version:2.2
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OpenTX 2.2 model for Blade 180CFX

Configured as per Blade 180CFX manual

  • SE is the flight modes (Normal, IU1, IU2)
  • SG is the rates (low/mid/high)
  • SF hold
  • Gyro is based on flight mode (+50 for each, but changeable in inputs)
  • 3:00min timer (when Thr channel > 12.5%)
  • Orange DSMX module channel limits (may need to change this in outputs if using a multimodule)
  • Thr channel limits set to 100:110 as per manual
  • Announce flight modes (Amber pack voice)
  • Announce rate changes (Amber pack voice)
  • Volume S1 while in Hold, Max while flying.
  • SA to control AUX2 to enable programming modes (as per http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K3eYg-DzExM)

Ensure in high rates when doing AUX2 programming.



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Created 2017-10-15
Created by ArchmageAU
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