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Miniature Aircraft X-Cell 46
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Flight modes on SE (normal, Idle Up 1, Idle Up 2.)  

Throttle hold on SG.  

30% expo on cyclic and tail rotor.  

Curve 1:  normal mode throttle

Curve 2:  IU1 throttle

Curve 3:  IU2 throttle

Curve 4:  Normal mode pitch

Curve 5:  IU1 & 2 pitch

Curve 6:  throttle hold engine idle

Gyro mode switch on SA (heading hold and rate).

Throttle cut on SH.  

Timer set to 9 minutes with warning at 1 minute.  

Pack voltage and RSSI on SD.  

Battery critical warning at 4.4V.  (4-cell nicad pack used) 

See logical switches for 1 minute timer warning and pack voltage.



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