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Blade 130X Version:1.0
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Flight Mode:
SE↑: Normal
SE-: Idle-Up 1
SE↓: Idle-Up 2

Throttle cut:
SF↑:Throttle cut enabled
SF↓: Throttle cut disabled /!\ stick must be at 0 before toggling the switch to unlock the security (see Logical Switches).

Dual Rate:
SD↑: Low D/R
SD- or SD↓: High D/R

Timer 1: Engine time → count down speed is proportional to the engine usage.
Timer 2: Flight time → counter will start when the throttle is not at 0.

The throttle trims are disabled (not needed). So I remapped them (see Special Functions):
ThrTrim Up: Play Timer 1
ThrTrim Down: Play Timer 2

Servos limit:
Set to +/-78% in order to match the Spektrum limit.

Curve are from the user guide. You may need to adapt them depending of you flying style and skills ;)

Curve1: Normal throttle curve
Curve2: Idle-Up 1 throttle curve
Curve3: Idle-Up 2 throttle curve

Normal pitch curve
Curve5: Idle-Up 1&2 pitch curve



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