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Blade nano CPX Version:V0.5
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External radio system DSM2 - used with homemade module. http://johnprikkel.blogspot.dk/2014/07/jr-dsmx.html

Channel Output:

Ch1 throttle

Ch2 Aileron - Inverted

Ch3 Elevator

Ch4 Rudder - Inverted 

Ch5 Pitch - Reduced travel -60% to 60&

Ch6 Gyro


4 "Flight modes", FM0 Throttle Hold, FM1 Normal mode, FM2 Idleup1, FM3 Idleup2.
Each has each own Pitch and Throttle curve. 
Shared EXPO setting in the Flight mode0 Hold, default 60 on Ail and Ele, 20 on rudder.

Timer 1 that starts on throttle (For battery timer Default 3m and 30s)
Timer 2 that starts on throttle (For total flight time)


SF↑ Throttle Release
SF↓ Throttle Hold

SE↑ Flight mode Normal
SE- Flight mode Idle up 1
SE↓ Flight mode Idle up 2

SB↑ Gyro setting 1 - Default 70%
SB- Gyro setting 2 - Default 75%
SB↓ Gyro setting 3 - Default 80%
Gyro setting adjustable in Inputs tab.

SH↓ Reset Timer 1

Curve 1 Throttle normal mode - Default linear -100% to 100%
Curve 2 Throttle idle up 1 - Default Flat 70%
Curve 3 Throttle idle up 2 - Default Flat 80%

Curve 10 Throttle Hold - Default flat -100%
Curve 20 Pitch Hold - Default Linear -100% to 100%

Curve 11 Pitch Normal - Default -40% to 0% to 100%
Curve 12 Pitch Idle up1 - Default Linear -100% to 100%
Curve 13 Pitch Idle up2 - Default Linear -100% to 100%

Also it has an function I call "Throttle lock".
What it does:
1. Locks the throttle to -100 if throttle is not zero when releasing throttle hold. This prevents mistakes to be made if one forgets the throttle stick up or in idle up mode.

2. If throttle hold is pressed but released before 2 second it will not lock the throttle. (In case of throttle hold is applied in the air and you want to regain throttle control).

3. If throttle is zero for more than 5 seconds and throttle hold is not applied, it will auto throttle lock and it will requirre throttle hold switch cycle before giving throttle again. (Inactivity safety if forgotten to put on throttle hold.)



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