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Blade Nano CPS Version:2.1.6
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SF - Throttle Hold (default) / Throttle Active
SA - Flight Modes: 0 : Stabilize, 1: 3D, 2: Idle Up (100% throttle) (1 and 2 are both red modes, and I don't notice a difference so the difference is implemented with the throttle curves in the TX)
SG - Pitch Curves: 0 = Normal/Linear throttle 0-100, with normal positive only pitch curve from 0 to 100 in an exponential curve. 1 & 2 = idle mode throttle with min/max at 100, and 75% throttle at midstick. Full -100 to 100 pitch (linear)
SH - Panic mode.
SC - 0: Full rates and 0 expo, 1: 25% expo only, 2: 75% rates/25% expo all on aileron, elevator and rudder channels


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Created 2015-11-28
Created by makattack
Changed at 2015-11-28
Modified by makattack

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#4 Didi 2016-01-30 17:58
@Raul: which version of OpenTX are you using? Mine is very old - 2.0.8 - and I suppose there is a problem with loading the eepe correctly. I'm using the DM9 DSMX module and it's working perfectly with my Blade 200 SR X. But now I'm stuck with loading the eepe file for the CPS.
There are no inputs programmed, the mixers look strange somehow and no curves also.
#3 Raul 2016-01-25 03:43
Paul, unfortunately not.
I had a Futaba 9C radio with a spectrum module sitting by and used that. I have managed to fly it, but having problems on the usage of flight modes and not being able to setup the panic switch.

I have not progressed on the Taranis programming of the CPS.

If you solve this problem please share.
#2 Paul Hannington 2016-01-20 22:21
@Raul - Did you solve this problem? I'm having exactly the same issue. All channels are fully responsive except throttle, which I'm presuming to be the ESC not arming.
#1 Raul 2016-01-07 02:48
makattack, hello. I downloaded your eepe file for use with taranis and orange module dsm/dsmx/dsm2.

I have managed to bind correctly, pitch works, aileron and elevator too.

CP S is not arming throttle. I have seen some other forums that say that you sould limit servo travel to +/-80% for spektrum, as well as change to 400ms, and positive.

I see you don´t follow this.

Any help appreciated. I have been trying for two full days for de nano cp s to arm throttle. Another thing is that sometimes there are some glitches and the rotor spins abruptly for a second, but not periodically.

i have tried throttle trim centered, lowest position, and throttle hold of, normal flight mode, normal throttle curve. No luck.

Thank you!

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