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T-rex 450 w Flymentor and sounds Version:3
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Trex 450 heli with flymentor.

I included my soundfiles for FM postion mode, FM balance mode, FM off and Gyro rate mode and Gyro HH mode, as well as the other files i use for flightmode normal flightmode idle up and 3D mode on. Also lowrate midrate and highrate settings and soundfiles included.

Adjust Gyro and flymentor with S1 and S2 knobs.

I use the original Trex Gyro for the tail, not the FM one!

FM only for cyclic. (servo 1, 2 and 3)

Sticky throttle in flighmode normal, but in idle up and 3d mode just a trottle hold on SF.

sound volume setting on RS.


The order she says what the settings are at the moment of loading is :

Flightmode setting,  Gyro setting, Flymmentor seting, Rates setting and trottle setting.

When loading the model, she now says when the 450 TREX is loaded.

Update2: Now when flipping a switch from pos 1 to 3 she don't speak pos 2 in between, but omly  the actual setting.




Size 1.16 MB
Downloads 3568
Created 2014-05-11
Created by stansan
Changed at 2014-05-19
Modified by stansan

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#2 joan 2016-02-24 22:43
buenas noches alguien tiene el modelo de HELI TREX 450 , muchas grasias
Aqui dejo mi email:
#1 Stanley Sandriman 2014-05-11 22:34
vote if this is usefull for you.

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