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Lipo Percentage Remaining Improved version Version:2
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Only works with FW 2.0.n

This telemetry lua script provides an accurate method of informing the pilot of remaining lipo percentage, complete with audible readout of each 10% drop in capacity.

Other methods that just read lowest cell voltage suffer from false readings due to the fact that lipo cells drop dramatically on full throttle then recover.

The script monitors the actual current consumed whilst flying.

Sensors needed are...




Notes for users:-

 This is a Lua script and must be placed in directory on you TX SD card.

 TX SD card\SCRIPTS\My3DPlane (the My3DPlane is a new directory that you create to match your model name on your TX)

So for each model that you want to use this scrip you create a matching director. e.g.:-

TX SD card\SCRIPTS\My3DPlane

TX SD card\SCRIPTS\Edge 540

TX SD card\SCRIPTS\Mustang

Now you have three directorys you then place this file in each of them.

If for instance your Edge 540 has a 5000mAh lipo you alter the telem5.lua local rxLipoCapacity_mAh = 5000 in the 

TX SD card\SCRIPTS\Edge 540 directory.


 This script assumes ThrottleOnOff is the SD switch that has three positions so anything smaller than Zero is throttle hold

if you use another switch look for :- local Switch_D = getFieldInfo('sd').id  and change the sd to your switch.


 The code assumes a battery of 2200mAh if you use a different capacity search this file for local rxLipoCapacity_mAh = 2200 and substitute your value e.g.:- 5000


 These sound files must exist in the SOUNDS/en/ folder...


This system provides safe flight even if you change flying style from scale to 3D.

Version 2 is now uploaded (22/07/2015)

Version 2 now includes call outs that sound with any telemetry screen active as an added safety measure.

If you like it please vote. :)




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Created 2015-04-03
Created by TrueBuild
Changed at 2017-07-01
Modified by TrueBuild

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#4 True Build 2017-07-01 20:25
Quoting Greg:
I was unable to get this script to work on FW 2.1.9:

"Script syntax error
TELEMETRY/telem5.lua 68
attempt to index a nil value"

This script will only work with 2.0.n
The telemetry system has totally change in 2.1.9
#3 Greg 2017-06-28 04:33
I was unable to get this script to work on FW 2.1.9:

"Script syntax error
TELEMETRY/telem5.lua 68
attempt to index a nil value"
#2 True Build 2016-01-03 09:46
Quoting Gunnergolly:
Is this compatible with FW Version 2.1.3 ?.

Sorry for the delay.

The script has not been tested with 2.1.n
If you have tested it please report back here :)
#1 Gunnergolly 2015-09-28 10:28
Is this compatible with FW Version 2.1.3 ?.

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