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Lipo Percent Remaining ver3 for OpenTx 2.1.9 Version:Version 3
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This telemetry lua script provides an accurate method of informing the pilot of remaining lipo percentage, complete with audible readout of each 10% drop in capacity.

Other methods that just read lowest cell voltage suffer from false readings due to the fact that lipo cells drop dramatically on full throttle then recover.

The script monitors the actual current consumed whilst flying.

Sensors needed are...

 frsky-fcs-150a-smartport-current-sensor or FAS-40 


Note:- do not use MLVSS voltage sensors in multi lipo systems.


One new feature is the provision for two lipo voltage sensors, to enable the system to monitor two batteries as needed by some Precision Aerobatic planes or large planes using a pair of 6 cell batteries.


Notes for users:-


 This (TrueBld3.lua) is a Lua script and must be placed in your TX SD card into directory SCRIPTS/TELEMETRY

and the accompanying wav files need to be placed in SCRIPTS/TELEMETRY/TrueBld3 directory.


 This script assumes ThrottleOnOff is the SD switch that has three positions so anything smaller than Zero is throttle hold

if you use another switch look for :- local Switch_D = getFieldInfo('sd').id  and change the sd to your switch.


Thanks to a method created by Dean Church the user can change the lipo capacity via the transmitter this means that every plane can easily be assigned its own capacity value otherwise the system will default to a value set in the lua file.


Full notes on how to set the system up are contained in the TrueBld3.lua file


Note:- The script may work with OpenTx 2.2 ;however it has not been tested.

If it does work please let us all know ;)


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Created 2018-12-11
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#1 True Build 2021-10-01 19:47
New version available for OpenTx 2.3.n and possibly 2.2.n https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/member.php?u=506835

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