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Eflite Convergence VTOL eepe+LUA Version:0.3
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Main features:


- Three main flight modes on a single switch (MR, AP stab, AP acro) and possibility to toggle MR acro and AP acro+ thrust vectoring
- Panic switch (trainer switch SH↓ overrides all flight modes and switches to MR stabilized mode)
- 5 flight modes with independent and linked trims where relevant. No need to adjust linkages.
- Throttle trim adjusts motor angle in MR mode (enables forward/backwards creep adjustment)
- Experimental elevator thrust vectoring mode
- Voice call outs for all flight modes.
- LUA telemetry screen
- Automatic telemetry logging when RSSI>0. Make sure to enable logging on your sensors.


How it works;
SB is your main flight mode switch:
SB↑ Airplane Acro mode (with or without thrust vectoring configured with SD)
SB - Airplane Stabilized mode
SB↓ Multirotor mode (with or without stabilization which is configured with SA)

Active flight mode and its variation is shown on screen and announced by a female voice and ends with "mode". See below why this matters. Holding SH overrides everything else and switches to MR stabilized mode.

SC↑ high rates
SC- medium rates (75%)
SC↓ low rates (50%)

Rates for now are shared between MR and AP mode. I may change this later, after some flight testing.

In stabilized modes, MR or AP, all control trims are disabled (set to zero) .
Throttle trim is not used in any flight mode for the throttle. Instead it controls motor angle in MR mode. Throttle trim forward pitches the motors forward, and vice versa. You can use this to manage 'creep'. Upon change, the current value pops up on screen.
Airplane acro modes (with and without TV) have a shared set of trims for aileron/rudder/elevator.

MR acro mode:
SA toggles between acro and stabilized mode for multirotor.
SA↑ and SA- : multirotor mode (SB↓) will be stabilized
SA↓: multirotor mode will be acro

Note that if you change SA while in airplane mode, a different, male voice will announce the chosen setting, which doesnt impact your flight mode yet, it will only impact you when you switch SB to multirotor mode. If you switch SA while in MR mode, instead the female voice will announce the new flight mode, always ending with the word "mode". 

"Thrust vectoring"
SD lets you add thrust vectoring to up elevator by adjusting channel 6. BEWARE. This change is sluggish and on the ground results in jittery elevons. I have not flight tested this mode, and I suggest you be very careful. 
SD↑ and SD-: TV is disabled
SD↓: TV is enabled when the elevator stick is pulled >65%. Adjust curve 1 if you want to modify its response.

Note that if you change SD while in MR or AP stabilized mode, a different, male voice will announce the change,which doesnt impact your flight mode yet, it will only impact you when you switch SB to AP acro mode. If you switch while in AP acro mode, only the female voice will announce the new flight mode, always ending with the word "mode". 


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Created 2016-12-13
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#5 Per Backman 2019-10-05 22:28
Ok maybe a stupid question, but how do i do this on my Jumper T16

#4 Filip LOWETTE 2017-07-27 05:49
Hi, I dowloaded your file. Somehow SB mid and SB up, the plane functions, don't operate. So I can only fly in MR mode. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance, Filip
#3 KEN 2017-03-13 09:45

Installed all files into their respective directories, works great initially, however after about one minute, all audio stops, and the graphics depicting stabilized or acro cease to function.

Any input?

Thanks for making this!!!
#2 KEN 2017-03-13 05:14
Thank you!!!!
#1 Eric 2017-02-10 16:44
Does this use the Spektrum receiver or did you replace with a Frsky receiver?


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