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FAS-100 model based telemetry screen Version:1.5 + 2.0
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Telemetry screen telemX.lua is based on FrSky FAS-100 Current/Voltage/Consumption/Power Sensor.
Save the model script under \\SCRIPTS\modelname where modelname is the name of your model.

-- It displays:
-- Voltage (vFas), minimum voltage (vFas-min)
-- Consumption
-- Current and maximum current
-- Average current based on Consumption and Timer 1 (telem1.lua)
-- Average current based on averaging current samples (telem2.lua)
-- Maximum power

ATTENTION: Needs to set Timer 1 in your Model Settings to "00:00" (count up), "THs" (run only when Trottle is > -100) and "Not persistent".


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Created 2014-08-31
Created by Infinity
Changed at 2014-09-02
Modified by Infinity

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#1 True Build 2014-12-16 21:11
Could this be used/modified to trigger sound files for percentage of battery left based on battery capacity e.g.: 80% 70% ... 20%. for the FRSKY SP-150A - SMART PORT 150 AMP SENSOR?

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