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BatteryLevelSoundsAndEEPE Version:1
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Battery level warnings from 90% down to 5% left complete with sample eepe file.

This has been tested with

FrSky FLVSS LiPo Voltage Sensor

Battery level sound files are named 90Left.wav down to 5Left.wav


If you find this useful please vote :)


I recommend that you have a look at lipo-percentage-remaining-improved-version





Size 3.07 MB
Downloads 2238
Created 2014-08-16
Created by TrueBuild
Changed at 2015-07-28
Modified by TrueBuild

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#2 True Build 2014-08-24 07:36
Using this method you do get false low readings when throttle is moved to max because if you then back of the throttle the pack recovers; however, I like the intermittent voltage call outs as reassurance that the telemetry is actually working and that I am getting closer to the end of the flight.
Scott Page uses pack mAh as well as voltage; however, pack mAh also has it's problems. See www.rcgroups.com/forums/showpost.php?p=29253200&postcount=4097
#1 True Build 2014-08-17 11:28
Battery level warnings only active when throttle release is on.

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