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Hexapod robog (experimental) Version:0.1 (beta)
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This is mainly a demonstration to show how far you can push the programming logic on the Taranis. The robot can walk forward, reverse and steer left and right (in both forward and reverse). Controls: Elevator stick controls forward/reverse movement. Aileron stick steers robot left/right. Servo setup: Each leg has a pair of servos, one to move the leg back and forth and another to move it up and down. Each pair are allocated on adjecent channels. Odd channels (1,3,5..) move the legs up and down while even channels (2,4,6..) move them back and forth. The channel order is basically: CH1 & CH2 - front left leg CH3 & CH4 - front right leg CH5 & CH6 - middle left leg CH7 & CH8 - middle right leg CH9 & CH10 - rear left leg CH11 & CH12 - rear right leg I've posted a full discussion of how I derived my logic on RCGroups: http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2130717


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Created 2014-03-26
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