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Sequential Switches
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Sequential Switch Templates

1. Sequential switch from single 3-positon toggle, used to cycle Up/Down to access nine flight modes (FM0-FM8).  Uses switch SA.  Toggling SA up or down moves up or down the list of flight modes. For continuous looping of the list, just exchange constant values (i.e., ‘0’ & ‘8’) between custom switches CS3 and CS4.

2. Sequential switch uses knob S1 to simulate a 5-position rotary switch for selecting 5 different flight modes. For 6-position switch, just add additional Custom Switches substituting values of -80, -40, 0, 40, 80. Knob S1 has one detent and two stops, so not ideal, but haptic feedback support in firmware 2.0 simulates knob/pot detents where needed.


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