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Pit Mode enable/disable Version:1.2
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Switch enabled VTX pit mode on/off LUA script.

Requires: Betaflight LUA scripts to be installed. (https://github.com/betaflight/betaflight-tx-lua-scripts/releases


  • Activate: ( 0) perform change
  • TxPitMode: ( 0) Pit Mode ON

Activate on the models LUA-scripts page.

Use Logical Switches, Global Variables, Mixes or Inputs to supply values.

Install into the SCRIPTS/MIXES directory on SD card.

Reads current value of VTX and only changes Pit Mode flag.


  • Sends Pit mode on/off on change to Activate value (so off/on will re-send request).
  • Sends Pit mode on/off on change to TxPitMode.
  • Uses "actvd.wav" and "dactvd.wav" to announce activated or deactivated for state of VTX pit mode when changed by script.

 Example activation:

  • Set Activate: SC
  • Set TxPitMode: SD

SC down / SD down will set Pit Mode on

SC down / SD mid will set Pit Mode off

SC down / SD up will set Pit Mode off



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Created 2017-09-14
Created by ArchmageAU
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