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Blade Inductirx - Taranis with Spektrum DX module
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Simple setup, no dual rates or expo loaded yet.  Module in radio was created from DX5e TX module with the Want True DSMX in your Taranis? so the setup is just a bit different from the Orange module, or at least the Orange module setup didn't work well on my Taranis, non plus model.

If either of our setups don't work, use the wizard to create a simple Acro 4 channel model, servo limits at 100% reverse on Aileron and Rudder and Toggle channel 6 somehow.  I used the momentary SH switch to swap between safe and acrobatic modes.  I swapped timer function over to SF, pull the switch forward to reset the timer.


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Created 2016-07-09
Created by MrClean417
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