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Vortex Race Quad Stagility mode
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Learning Full Acro/manual flight can be intimidating when the craft doesn't self level and Horizon mode is very slow and unpredictable at times . This combines Angle mode with Acro mode but self levels only when the right stick is perfectly centered . Any movement of the right stick and you are in Acro mode instantly and let go of the stick and it instantly self levels . Much more nimble than Angle or Horizon mode with a bit of a safety net .

This also adds :

Voice warning when RSSI drops below 50 (adjustable)

Throttle Kill on switch SF with Voice files "Throttle Enabled & "Throttle Disabled

SA forward = Horizon mode w/voice

SA middle = Angle/self level mode w/voice

SA back = New Race mode w/voice

Also adds 6 position switch that I use to play music files .

Also plays voice file "You Turn Me On" when you arm the craft and "Engine Off" when you disarm . 

Right slide switch controls speaker volume

This is for the original Taranis and the Amber voice pack.


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Created 2016-06-18
Created by rydfree
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