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DJI Naza and Phantom Version:1.0
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This is my setup for the NAZA-m.  I have audio generated from a txt to speech program to call out switch changes.  Switch A is for GPS/ATTI/Manual. Switch F has a mix that triggers failsafe.  Switch B is for IOC control.  Switch C is for my expo/dual rates.  Switch D is for adjusting gain.  I have a default position and a low gain preset and the bottom position gives me control of gain on the S1 pot.  There is also camera tilt on the left slider and also preset camera positions on the SE switch mid position enables the slider.  Switch H(momentary) enables timer 1.


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Created 2013-07-29
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#2 Mehmet Gazi 2014-01-19 13:06
will this work on the phantom 2 none vision version
#1 Sheban Naim 2013-08-14 21:51
With such little documentation out there for setting up the Taranis/OpenTX specifically with the Naza - this eeprom was a lifesaver! Used it with a Naza-M Lite and just had to reverse Throttle & Elevator to get things rolling. Thanks a bunch!

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