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Blade 350 QX Sta-gility mode
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The 350QX has 5 modes :

1 "smart" mode, Green led.
2 stability mode,   Blue led

3 Video mode, purple led
4 Agility (acro) mode Solid red led
5 RTH blinking red led

This File adds a 6th mode Combining Stability mode , with Agility mode kicking in whenever right stick is moved past 90% (adjustable) in any direction. This allows stunts (Flips and rolls) while letting go of the sticks will allow the craft to self level.


This setup has modes controlled by S-A , SE and SB switches.

SA up =  smart mode
SA dn =  RTH
SA mid - enables SB
SA up and SA dn over rides SB so I can quickly switch to Smart or RTH.

SB up = Stability mode
SB mid =  video mode
SB dn =  Agility mode
SE dn & SB up = the new Stagility mode

SF = Throttle enable/ cut




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Created 2015-03-07
Created by rydfree
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#2 Benny 2016-06-20 00:43
Make sure the SF switch is active before trying to arm the motors .
#1 Werner Kremsreiter 2016-05-24 07:58
I have downloaded your setup. I think it will be good. But my copter don´t like to start the rotors. Do you have a idea for me?
Regards Werner

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