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Blade 350 QX3 AP Combo Version:3
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The Zip file contains the program file, BMP and accompanying sounds. This is based on a file that SLaSH wrote for the QX2. Without his input from his file for the flight modes I would still be scratching my head now. All kudos goes to him. I have taken his input and tweaked it. I've added gimbal control on S2, and used SC for panoramic mode. Rev.3 Swaps Stability and Agility mode. You now go to Stability from AP Mode and not Agility Mode, which nearly gave me a heart attack! Lol. Changes Gimbal Mode from S1 to S2. Panoramic Mode on SC for slow turn left or right (SC UP / DOWN) This is overridden by any Rudder input. This is written for MODE 2. The Mirror button under the download button contains the full instructions.


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Created 2015-01-03
Created by spooky_0325
Changed at 2016-10-30
Modified by spooky_0325

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#6 Paul Davis 2016-10-30 20:36
Sorry i appear to have deleted the instructions and do not have a copy. However. Import the files into the directories on your Taranis and you should be good to go. The eep will not open on a computer, but it will in the Radio.

#5 Paul 2016-10-29 13:47
I am trying to open the file for the qx3ap.eepe.
When I click on view model I get errror, when I click on mirror file does not exit, when I try to download I only get pages of letter and number.
I try on safari and on Windows all the same.
Since I am new at this what should I do to open the files
#4 JohnCC 2016-10-07 17:47
Hello! Thank you for this file. I am having trouble accessing agility mode; it will only go to stability mode. I am new to Taranis and I am not sure how to debug this; I have been looking over the flight modes page and simulator to no avail. I am thinking it is because CH5 never goes past 100% and agility expects 140%, but I don't know. Thank you for reading and any assistance you can provide.
+2 #3 Paul Davis 2015-01-13 19:47
New in version 3.

Gimbal control now on S2 and is set at a weight so all the pot movement is used.

BMP has been updated.

SC is used for panoramic mode so it overrides the rudder when hands off to slowly rotate left or right. Sound files for this on a 10 second repeat, and for safety the rudder stick will override this setting.
+1 #2 Paul Davis 2015-01-07 11:22
Since flying this, the only thing I have changed is putting gimbal control on S2, as S1 was too near the throttle. I have tried the side sliders, but found more control on the pots. It's personal preference and only a click to change.
+1 #1 Paul Davis 2015-01-03 17:13
Hope this helps.

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