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Blade 180QX Taranis
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Modified from the 350QX file from SLaSH, I'm just learning!

I have physically swapped the switches SF & SH - used to TH on right - did not want momentary there.

SB is flight modes, SC is rates.

8-25-14 Added some expo on all AIL, ELE & RUD

Also added a "AAAAAHHHHH" Mode - If SH (TH for me) is up & SF (momentary for me) is down, overrides AIL, ELE & RUD to 0 and THR to -19 (Gives a gentle descent)


Size 76.03 KB
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Created 2014-08-25
Created by BadLar
Changed at 2014-08-26
Modified by BadLar

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#1 Jason Manaigre 2014-11-23 22:41
Wicked job man, worked great!

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