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APM Plane with sticky flight modes Version:1.1
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Model is a HobbyKing SkyEye.  The flaps are on a Y cable, but one servo is electrically reversed so the flaps go the same way.  Ailerons are also on a Y cable.

Flight modes are controlled by custom switches that are set by a combination of SF and SE, for 6 modes. SF↑ are the manual modes (Manual, Stabilize, FBWA), SF↓ are auto modes (Auto, Loiter, RTL).  Using flight modes also gets the mode name on the screen, which is a nice touch, as well as spoken confirmation via the flight mode wavs which saves some custom functions.

The GV3 value, that is unique to each FM, becomes the weight for CH8 which controls the APM mode.

Sticky flight modes prevent changing out of an auto mode where full control deflection is the norm to a manual/stabilize mode where sitcks centered is the norm without the sticks being roughly centered.  Trying to do so just keeps the auto mode in play until the sticks are centered and it will change then.

Flight modes also control whether trim is applied (via the mixes), as input trim isn't required apart from in Manual or Stabilize modes.  Throttle is 100% pass-thru in all modes.

Flaps are set on SB and have 50% and 100% settings.  If a switch to a full auto mode (Auto, Loiter, RTL) is made then the flaps retract.  Reminders sound at 30s intervals if flaps aren't retracted.  Flaps have a slow of 5 seconds applied.

Rates and Expo are on virtual channels 15 & 16 along with Curves 1 & 2 via GV1 & GV2.  Rate is on S1 and goes from 100% to 50%.  Expo is on S2 and goes from 0% to 60%.  Both Rate and Expo are ignored when not in Manual or Stabilize modes.

SA- plays common telemetry.  SA↓ plays some maximums.

SD- plays altitude, SD↓ adds vario tones.

SG↑ disables throttle.  !SG↑ enables it and starts logging. SG↓ resets the timer.

CS7 is an alert to remind that the engine is disabled and you are moving the throttle.  I had it happen a few times that the plane went on a 30 minute mission.  I'd turned off the radio while waiting for it to return to home.  Turning it back on and setting switches to default left me with engine off.  Makes for a frantic landing approach when you discover there's no throttle! I'd like to say it only happened once...

The model is super easy to fly, especially with the APM.  With full flaps and a gentle breeze it just hovers nose into the wind.  It follows that landings don't require a lot of distance or speed either.  Landing in FBWA mode makes you look like a god.  Stable and level with a smooth descent and flare.  It's a great big safe plane to let little kids have a turn of since they can't go too wrong in FBWA mode, yet still get the feel of flying.



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#1 Fabien Gagne 2014-08-18 01:03
Thanks for this set up, it gave me an excellent head start.

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