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BMFA Fixed Wing A and B sequence caller Version:2
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Update - There are now two EEPEs in this zip file, one for OpenTX 1.x and the other for 2.x


This EEPROM contains audio sequence callers for practicing the BMFA Fixed Wing A and B sequences. Calls are triggered by a short press of SH, and the sequence is reset (with an audible confirmation) via a long press of SH. The sequencer increments GVAR5 with each press of SH, so if your model already uses GVAR5 you will need to change something!


All the sounds are within the zip file – simply paste them into the “Sounds/en” folder on your Taranis.


To transfer the sequencer open the relevant sequencer memory and the target model in C9X. Copy across the custom switches from the sequencer into the same positions in the target (i.e. CSI→CSI), and then the custom functions into any vacant slots you like; done. Happy flying!


Size 2.11 MB
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Created 2014-01-30
Created by MattyB
Changed at 2015-03-20
Modified by MattyB

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