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Shockflyer with auto rates, stall turn and blender functions Version:4.0
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This (mode 1) setup should work great on any simple 4 function shock flyer with a single servo for ailerons (Hyperion Sniper, RC Factory series, Telink series etc) -  I use it on my RC Factory Sbach 342.


Two model memories are included in th EEPROM - one with an automated stall turn / hammerhead and belnder functions, and one without.


IMPORTANT – The stall turn and blender functions trigger the throttle based on the position of the sticks, so it is critical that you use a throttle kill to avoid ground handling accidents. I recommend this is implemented via the last line in the throttle mix on the mixer screen rather than from Custom Switches (on the mixer screen it can be named so is much easier to understand). To ensure your throttle kill is active when switching on set up a switch start-up warning (Setup menu).


  • 2 flight modes (Acro and Acro 3D):
    • Auto 3D rates –The flight mode (and associated rates) are changed when any of the three direction controls (aileron, elevator or rudder) reach 97% of TX stick travel. This is achieved via a cascade of OR custom switches.
    • The rates for each surface are set using GVARs 1-3.
    • Auto 3D rates can be suppressed by switch SD.
    • Auto 3D rates give extremely large movements at each end of the stick with smooth, progressive control from centre to 97%. I find that achieving this without very high expo settings means slow rolling manoeuvres are easier to execute consistently, but still maintains extreme 3D abilities without flicking a switch.
  • Stall turn / Hammerhead cascade (Model memory 2 only) – In Acro flight mode full rudder will cause a blip of throttle to get you round the turn (switches CS3 and CS7-CSA), and will not reactivate for a period of your choosing. For more detail click here.
  • Blender switch cascade (Model memory 2 only) – Throttle can be blipped automatically to help snap the model into a blender based on stick positions (switches CSC-CSK). For more detail click here.
  • Knife edge compensation mix (Rud→Ele) on switch SA (set to zero weight by default).
  • Throttle kill on switch SF with pre-flight check reminder.
  • Custom throttle curve to remove non-linear ESC response (will need to be tuned for each model).
  • Flight countdown timer (reset by throttle kill on switch SF) and total model time timer.
  • Flight time remaining called out by short press of switch SH.
  • RSSI value called out by long press of switch SH.
  • Audio volume adjustable via pot S2.
  • Model name announcement on start-up/selection.

All changes are confirmed verbally when activated, and the sound files used are attached with the EEPE – simply paste them into the “Sounds/en” folder on your Taranis. 


Important note – This EEPROM is mode 1 and uncalibrated. To ensure it works perfectly on your Taranis open the EEPE file in companion9X, copy the “Shockflyer” model memory to a spare slot in your live calibrated EEPE, then burn that to your transmitter. Happy flying!


Pre-flight checks / Disclaimer - Although this setup has been tested, it is up to the pilot to ensure all controls respond correctly under all conditions. I cannot be held responsible for any bugs in the setup or documentation, so please remember to test your model setup thoroughly before flying!



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Created 2014-01-07
Created by MattyB
Changed at 2014-01-15
Modified by MattyB

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#3 Matt Brett 2014-01-15 10:34
v4 added - blender custom switch cascade added to model memory 2.
#2 Matt Brett 2014-01-13 10:04
v3 added - There are now two models in the EEPE file, one with an automated stall turn mix and one without.
#1 Matt Brett 2014-01-10 12:03
v2 added - Auto rates can now be supressed via SD.

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