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Electric sport model (2 servo wing) Version:3.1
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Here is v3 of my very first model setup for the Taranis, which I’m using on balsa Zlin 50 from Hobbyking. This setup should work great on any aerobatic electric model with a two servo wing (Wot 4-e, Acrowot, Max Thrust Riot, ST Models MX2 etc).

Features (v2 additions in green, v3 in blue):

·         Further simplified mixer schema (flap and snapflap fns moved to single high mix; redundant stick position calls removed; additional flight phases have simplified rate settings in Sticks menu).

·         5 flight modes accessed by a combination of on switch SE (Acro, Takeoff and Landing) and the rate switch SA (Acro-hi, Acro-med and Acro-low).

o    Triple rates on switch SA, active only in Acro (Takeoff and Landing use medium rates).

o    Partial flap deployed for Takeoff; full flap for Landing. Transitions slowed over 2 seconds.

·         Snapflap (elevator to flap) mixing by default in Acro and Takeoff flight phases.

o    Snapflap volume adjustment on pot S1.

o    Snapflap suppression on switch SG.

·         Knife edge compensation mix (Rud→Ele), set to zero weight by default.

·         Throttle kill on switch SF with optional visual confirmation (deflects elevator 45 degrees when throttle deactivated) and pre-flight check reminder.

o    Now implemented via mixers rather than a custom function.

·         Custom throttle curve to remove non-linear ESC response (will need to be tuned for each model).

·         “Nagging Nora” gives power-up announcement in Takeoff and Landing modes at low throttle settings (reminder to avoid throttle shut landings; I am mainly a glider pilot!)

·         Eagletree Guardian gyro control on switch SD (2D mode, 3D mode and off)

·         Flight countdown timer (reset by throttle kill on switch SF) and total model time timer.

·         Flight time remaining called out by short press of switch SH.

·         RSSI value called out by long press of switch SH.

·         Volume adjustable via pot S2.

·         Model name announcement on start-up/selection.

All changes are confirmed verbally when activated, and the sound files used are attached with the EEPE – simply paste them into the Sounds folder on your Taranis. Happy flying!


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Created 2013-12-12
Created by MattyB
Changed at 2014-01-07
Modified by MattyB

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