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landing gear and gear door sequencing using opentx. Version:1
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I tried to keep the same model channel assignment for ease of understanding



SF switch activates the sequence. Gear doors (CH7) open , retracts move (CH6), Gear door close. The same applies for the inverse operation. CH8 is flaps and are deployed using the SB switch.
This brilliant setup was created by Mike Blandford on er9x



Same as above but using curves

This is a simpler sequence from the two models above but this is probably what you will want to use. The SF switch activates the sequence. Assume gear is extended with doors open. Retraction: Landing gear (CH6) retracts (moves up), Gear doors (CH7) close.
Extension: Gear doors (CH7) open, Landing gear (CH6) extends (moves down).
Note that the Gear door only close when the wheels are retracted.
CH8 is flaps and are deployed using the SB switch.

Same as above but using curves


The mixes below work using 2P switches and on the Taranis we have a plethora of 3P switches but only one 2P and one toggle switch. If you use Throttle cut then you want to use the 2P switch which leaves you with a dilemma. Because these mixes use delay if you use a 3P switch to activate the sequence you might get in trouble and your gears engage with the LG doors of your model if you accidently place the 3P switch in the middle position. The solution is to use one of the paddle switches as a soft 2P switch. All you need to do is to add two CS the ax V2 = 0 functions and assign the CS to the paddle switch you want to trigger the CS. Then replace the SF in the mixes below with your CS switch.


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