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Plane with flaperon + Fatshark Head Tracker for FPV + Audios Version:02
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Plane with flaperons->

Flaperons are activated by SG- switch and it is controlled by Rigth Slider

There are two ways to use it->

1) Aproach to land, and 1) RS should be in 100% position-> 2) Select "SG-" -> Result-> Ailerons will go down slowly to 50%. In case of any problem you can move SG anywere (up or down) and Flaperon mix will be deleted or also move RS to control the flaperons.

2) About 20 or 30 secs Before aproach to land RS should be 0% and you select "SG-", then when the plane is landing, you are able to control flaperons with RS with no delay. Anytime you can delete flaperon mix by moving SG up or down.

In all the cases the radio will tell you if the flaperon mix is activated and the position of RSlider when the SG- is selected or deselected.


Head Tracker

PAN = Channel 7

TILT = Channel 8


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Created 2013-08-30
Created by Pekote
Changed at 2013-10-29
Modified by Pekote

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#1 juan 2014-04-30 18:27
Buenas es pera tipo 1 o tipo 2.


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