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Quanum Observer.eepe
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Quanum Observer with Eagle Tree Vector

 FrSky XJT (D16), Channels(1-8) Receiver


[I1]Thr Thr Weight(+100%)

[I2]Ail Ail Weight(+100%) Expo(50%) Switch(SD↑) [ail hi]

Ail Weight(+50%) Expo(50%) Switch(SD-) [Ali Med]

Ail Weight(+25%) Expo(50%) Switch(SD↓) [Ail Lo]

Ail Weight(+100%) [Ail safe]

[I3]Ele Ele Weight(+100%) Expo(50%) Switch(SD↑) [Ele HI]

Ele Weight(+50%) Expo(50%) Switch(SD-) [Ele Med]

Ele Weight(+25%) Expo(50%) Switch(SD↓) [Ele Lo]

Ele Weight(+100%) [Ele safe]

[I4]Rud Rud Weight(+100%) Expo(50%) Switch(SD↑) [Rud Hi]

Rud Weight(+75%) Expo(50%) Switch(SD-) [Rud Med]

Rud Weight(+50%) Expo(50%) Switch(SD↓) [Rud Lo]

Rud Weight(+100%) [Rud safe]

[I6]pan RS Weight(+100%) [pan]

[I7]tlit LS Weight(+100%) [tlit]

[I8]mode SE Weight(+100%) Switch(SE↑) [modeoff]

SE Weight(0%) Switch(SE-) [modestab]


SE Weight(-100%) Switch(SE↓) [modeRTH]


CH01 (Thr) [I1]Thr Weight(+100%)

CH02 (Ail) [I2]Ail Weight(+100%) Offset(-17%)

CH03 (Ele) [I3]Ele Weight(+100%)

CH04 (Rud) [I4]Rud Weight(+100%)

CH05 (flap) MAX Weight(0%) Switch(SG↑) NoTrim Slow(u2:d2) [flaps]

+= MAX Weight(-55%) Switch(SG-) Slow(u2:d2)

+= MAX Weight(-100%) Switch(SG↓) Slow(u2:d2)

CH06 (pan) RS Weight(+100%) Slow(u1.5:d1.5) [pan]

CH07 (tilt) LS Weight(-100%) Slow(u1.5:d1.5) [tilt]


CH08 (mode) SE Weight(+100%) [mode]





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Created 2016-05-14
Created by BadMoFo
Changed at 2016-05-14
Modified by BadMoFo

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