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Twin Engine Retract Brakes Flaps Version:2.1.3
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Hello everyone

The configuration is for Twin Engine Airplane. In my case Top Flight Cessna 310. Of course you can use it for single engine after modification the bin file.

The airplane has Landing Gears, Retracted Landing Lights, Navigation and Landing Lights On -Off, Dual Rates (Low - High)with or without Expo, Electric Brakes, 5 position Flaps from Flaps Up to Flaps 40 Degrees mixed with elevator for non ballooning (9 Flight modes), Throttle cut separate for Right and Left Engine, aileron trim from knob S1 and TX Volume from Knob S2. Fail Safe set: Throttle idle, Flaps Up all other channels to center. Throttle Curve for sync  engines

Switch SF Down -Gear Up, Switch SF Up -Gear Down.                            Switch SE and SG in any position move Flaps 10 Degrees from Flaps Up to Flaps 40 Degrees vice versa.                                                                 Switch SA Up -Low Rates No Expo, Switch SA Mid -Low Rates Expo, Switch SA Down -Hi Rates No Expo.                                                               Switch SB Down -Landing Lights Off, Switch SB Mid -Landing Lights On.                                                                                                                        Switch SC has to be in Mid position. SC Down -Right Engine Off, SC Up -Left Engine Off. The engines are shutting down only when switch SE Up  (Flight mode - Flaps Up) and Throttle in full down position (-100). To avoid kill any engine by accidentally move Switch SC from Mid to Down (right engine off) or Up (left engine off) during flight, there is a switch warning every 6 sec which play track “Engine off switch wrong position critical” (You have to move Switch SC to Mid before throttle to full down position).                                                           Switch SD Down -Navigation Lights Off, Switch SD Mid -Navigation Lights On.                                                                                                            LS Slider mid -Landing Lights Up, LS Slider Front  -Landing Lights Down (if you have retracted lights).                                                               RS Slider is for brakes. When in front position -Brake Release, when in back position - Brakes On. There is also a warning every 6 sec if you accidentally move RS Slider play track “Brakes On” (this avoid you to come for landing with brakes on).                                                                  If you are not sure for your Landing Gears Up or Down position you can hit Switch SH for 3 sec and if only Gear Down (Switch SF Up) play Track “Gear Down”.                                                                                           Because of Twin Engine airplane maybe you lose one of the them. From Knob S1 you can trim aileron in case you lose one of your engines. When turn knob to right play track “Right Engine only”, When turn knob to left play track “left Engine only”.


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Created 2015-12-11
Created by Etzanos
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#1 Phil Hill 2018-05-18 14:38
Do you have the sound file for this program?

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