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Volantex Ranger EX/Vector/3 Cam Switch/Pan-Tilt/Gimbal/HeadTracker Version:V1.0
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Volantex Ranger EX

Taranis "A", OpenTX version 2.0.15

L9R receiver connected via Sbus

Eagle Tree Vector

Channel and switch assignments. Note that "CH" means the channel is connected via Sbus through the Vector and "ACH" means that the servo/switch/etc. is connected to the analog pins on the L9R.

  1. CH1 AIL
  2. CH2 ELE
  3. CH3 Thr with throttle safety on SF
  4. CH4 RUD
  5. ACH5 3-way camera switch on SG
    1. board cam UP
    2. Gimbal cam MIDDLE
    3. Pan/tilt Cam DOWN
  6. ACH6 Flaps on SB, CH13 is dummy channel for weights and slow
  7. ACH7 Pan/Tilt Pitch (TILT). When SE is UP S1 controls the Tilt, when SE is NOT UP the Head Tracker controls Tilt. If SG is NOT UP AND SG (3-way cam switch) is NOT DOWN then the current position is locked. This means that you can use the head tracker to position the Tilt and when you switch to another cam the current position is locked until you switch back to this cam.
  8. ACH8 Pan/Tilt Pan.  Same as ACH7 above except that when in manual mode (SE is UP) Pan is controlled by S2
  9. ACH9 Gimbal Pitch on RS
  10. CH10 Vector Stabilizer Mode on SC
  11. CH11 Vector Stabilizer Sub Mode on SD
  12. CH12 Vector Gain on LS


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#1 Aaron 2015-04-23 11:37
What kind of Range have you seen with the L9R?

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