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UAV-3000 & Pixhawk V020 (with sound files) Version:V020 Sound Files
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Taranis Plus configuration for the ' HK UAV-3000' 3 metre V Tail model controlled with Pixhawk. Manual and 'bailout' flight modes are selected by Switch F (Back) and Switch H (momentary On) respectively.

When Switch F is in forward position the flight mode is selected from the position of S1 pot (5 modes configured). There is no need to look at S1 as mode changes are annunciated immediately.

S1 pot can also be changed when Switch F is in backwards position (whilst in Manual Mode) so that when Switch F is flipped forwards again the flight mode becomes what I pre-selected on S1.

I have included annunciation for all flight mode changes as well as annunciation of the mode 'Pre-Selected' by S1 pot when Switch F is in backwards position. (hope that makes sense to you!)

I developed this so I could spend more time watching the model rather than fussing with switches. I was hesitant to install the 6 position switch as my Taranis Plus is still under warranty so I have stuck with S1 pot.

Whenever the flight mode (CH7) changes the Tx annunciates the current mode.

Whenever I change the position of S1 pot the 'Selected' mode is annunciated.

Note that I added logic based on edge & sticky (L21, L22 & L23) to prevent the Tx from annunciating the mode pre-selected by S1 when switching back to manual mode

Modes selected by S1 include Stabilise, Circle, loiter, Auto & RTL but NOT Manual (which is available from Switch F (Back position))

I had to add a 0.1 second duration to L22 to make it work reliably

NOTE that I have not tuned CH7 outputs to my Pixhawk in this version. This is very easy to do (see Curve No2 & Ch7 mixers). I have also not set up servo direction or scaling) - you will need to do these things yourself.

I have not included the WAV files here due to their size. They are pretty easy to make up using a TTS engine..

SF2 ~ SF7 modes are annunciated simply as 'Manual, Auto,....,RTL'

SF28 ~ SF32 are annunciated as 'Select Circle", "Select Loiter',...."Select RTL' 



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Created 2014-11-19
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