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UAV-3000 & Pixhawk Version:V020
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I developed this so I could spend more time watching the model rather than fussing with switches. I was hesitant to install the 6 position switch as my Taranis Plus is still under warranty so I have stuck with S1 pot.

Whenever the flight mode (CH7) changes the Tx annunciates the current mode.

Whenever I change the position of S1 pot the 'Selected' mode is annunciated.

Note that I added logic based on edge & sticky (L21, L22 & L23) to prevent the Tx from annunciating the mode pre-selected by S1 when switching back to manual mode

Modes selected by S1 include Stabilise, Circle, loiter, Auto & RTL but NOT Manual (which is available from Switch F (Back position))

I had to add a 0.1 second duration to L22 to make it work reliably

NOTE that I have not tuned CH7 outputs to my Pixhawk in this version. This is very easy to do (see Cruve No2 & Ch7 mixers). I have also not set up servo direction or scaling) - you will need to do these things yourself.

I have not included the WAV files here due to their size. They are pretty easy to make up using a TTS engine..

SF2 ~ SF7 modes are annunciated simply as 'Manual, Auto,....,RTL'

SF28 ~ SF32 are annunciated as 'Select Circle", "Select Loiter',...."Select RTL' 



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