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APM plane with audio and bg music for external UHF module Version:1.0
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APM:Plane config.  Used with Dragonlink TX connected to external module port.
Extended limits are enabled to allow failsafe throttle value of 950uS.
Standard AETR channel order as expected by Pixhawk.
Only 8 channels are sent via PPM for this model.  PPM frame timing should be increased to 31.5 if you need all 12 dragonlink channels.
Momentary switch SH is used to trigger failsafe and also to program failsafe setting on receiver.
SF(down) is used to select a fixed cruising throttle position.
Left slider mapped through a curve is send on channel 5 for video camera pan servo. Dead zone added around the center.
SA mapped to channel 6 is used to select between 3 video camera sources.
S2 is mapped to channel 7.
SC and SD select the 6 flight modes which are sent on channel 8 to the pixhawk.
Logical switches L1-L6 and special functions SF2-SF7 are used to announce flight modes.
LS17-LS25 and SF9-SF17 are used to select 8 different background music tracks based on SB and SE.

Most of the needed audio files should be present in the Amber sound pack.


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