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Change Sensor Id Version:0.3.2
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Lua script to change Frsky sensor id from the radio (ported from erskyTx. Thanks to MikeB)

- Connect sensors to receiver smartport (does not work with the smartport on the radio)
- Multiple sensors can be connected. Do not connect more than one sensor per type (e.g. two FLVSS) or both will change to the same sensor id
- Once selected the sensor type, the sensor id is read
- Then change the sensor id and long press ENTER or MENU to update
- It may be needed to repeat the process if the sensor id is not updated
- If telemetry is lost after change id, restart Rx and Tx
- For X7, X9, X-lite and Horus radios with opentx 2.2 or higher


For openTx 2.3 or higher copy the file chgId.lua to SCRIPTS/TOOLS

For openTx 2.2 copy the file chgId.lua to SCRIPTS folder in the sdcard and execute script from SD-CARD screen (then long press ENTER and EXECUTE). It can also be executed as telemetry script (except Horus) if copied to TELEMETRY folder and assigned to a model telemetry screen


Change log:



- Added support for MSRC



- X8R2ANA sensor bug fixed



- Protocol updated. Much faster and reliable



- Added key MENU for updating as telemetry script



- Support for X-lite and Horus added
- Script type changed to one-time
- Sensor X8R2ANA added


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Created 2019-06-18
Created by dga
Changed at 2020-02-26
Modified by dga

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