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Sensor Config Version:0.4
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Was Change Sensor Id. Lua script to change Frsky sensor configuration from the radio (ported from erskyTx. Thanks to MikeB)

  • Change physical id and refresh rate
  • Check the firmware version of the sensor

Connect sensors to receiver smartport (does not work with the smartport on the radio)
Multiple sensors can be connected

Do not connect more than one sensor per type (e.g. two FLVSS) or both will change to the same sensor id

It may be needed to repeat the process if the configuration is not updated

If telemetry is lost after the update, restart Rx and Tx

For X7, X9, X-lite and Horus radios with opentx 2.2 or higher

 For openTx 2.3 or higher copy the file chgId.lua to SCRIPTS/TOOLS

For openTx 2.2 copy the file chgId.lua to SCRIPTS folder in the sdcard and execute script from SD-CARD screen (then long press ENTER and EXECUTE)


Change log:


- Changed name to Sensor Config

- Added refresh rate and firmware version

- Improved protocol


- Added support for MSRC


- X8R2ANA sensor bug fixed


- Protocol updated. Much faster and reliable


- Added key MENU for updating as telemetry script


- Support for X-lite and Horus added

- Script type changed to one-time

- Sensor X8R2ANA added


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Created 2019-06-18
Created by dga
Changed at 2020-05-07
Modified by dga

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