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FrSky S.Port passthrough telemetry from Pixhawk to Taranis XD9+ Version:1.0
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For full details and explanations on the FrSky S.Port Passthrough protocol wiring, setup and lua programming, you can visit the repository (and the wiki):




A. Flight Mode, UAV battery voltage, TX battery voltage, timer1 info (mine counts from first thrust).

B. Ground speed in Km/h.

C. GPS altitude.

D. Messages received and severity. Up to 10 messages are recorded in a FIFO buffer. Number indicates order from 0, last message, to 10, oldest message. Scroll is possible with the (+) and (-) keys.

E. Some gauges: RSSI, UAV battery status and current, TX battery remaining (I am using the 6xNiMH battery pack).

F. GPS status and number of satellites.

G. Angle from home launch (this is still to be checked on the field).

H. Distance from home launch (horizontal and vertical, also to be checked on the field).

I. Status flags: armed, battery FS, landed, EKF FS. Also info on UAV battery voltage and capacity to FS trigger.


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