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Inav telemetry script Version:2.0
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Inav telemetry script


A LUA telemetry script derived from the very fine LuaPilot to work with SmartPort telemetry data from inav on Taranis.






The script displays the current flight mode, battery voltage, signal RSSI, distance from home position (if available) along with some basic telemetry data like altitude, vertical speed, GPS satellites, timer and more. It also displays the last GPS position received, useful when you have to recover your craft after a crash.


It provides audible feedbacks when the FC enters and exits some status (arm, gps lock, autonomous flight, ready to arm, failsafe, home reset) and for low/critical battery voltage. You can customize the alarms by editing the WAV files in the SCRIPTS/SOUNDS directory, make sure you're using WAV files with a format compatible to OpenTX or they won't play. The audible feedbacks will play regardless if the GUI is displayed or not.


It works with OpenTX 2.12 and later, including 2.2, and any version of inav. It has also been updated with the recent changes to SmartPort telemetry in inav 1.8.





  • Unpack the ZIP file to the root of your SD card, overwrite/merge if needed.
  • Power on the radio and the model. Make sure all the model sensors are connected and powered on (some board won't power the GPS when connected via USB).
  • In the radio, enter model's menu and go to the telemetry page
  • (Recommended) Select Delete all sensors, confirm.
  • Select Discover new sensors.
  • Wait a couple of second, then select Stop discovery.
  • Search Fuel sensor, edit it and change the unit to mAh
  • Search 0420 sensor, edit it and change the name to Dist and unit to m
  • In the telemetry display assign Script and inav to a screen.


Done! To view the script's screen go to the main screen and long push the "Page" button to get to the telemetry pages. The audible feedbacks will work regardless if you're viewing the script screen or not, as long as the script is selected in the model menu as explained in the procedure above.


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Created 2017-04-26
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