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SayAlt is a simple mix script to announce Altitude as the aircraft passes through the chosen altitude increments, either passing Up or Down.  It assumes the Taranis is using the FrSky Altimeter.  The script watches for the altitude transition and triggers a Logical Switch which then triggers a Special Function to make the voice announcement.

Three scripts are included.  SayAltFt.lua is set up to announce transitions through 100 Ft. increments.  SayAltM.lua is set up to announce transitions through 50 Meter increments.  The point of transition can be easily changed in the script.  SayAltTr.lua allows you to set the transition increment when you activate the script in the TX.

The SayAltFt script has been flown in OpenTX 2.1.9 and the others have been tested in Companion.  It is a very simple script and fun to use.


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Created 2017-02-24
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