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Snake_v3 Version:3
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This Snake game script replaces the previous Snake game submission, only to change the graphics from ASCII art graphics to bmp graphics.  The gameplay continues to be the same.

Use the Right stick up and down to command the snake to move up or down.

Use the Left stick left or right to command the snake to move left or right.

Use the Right stick to restart the game once it is terminated by a collision.

Use the + and - buttons to change the speed of the snake.

The snake's tail will grow as you eat the food.  A collision with the walls or the snakes tail will terminate the game.  Try to plan your moves to make the tail as long as possible.

Add the three bmp files to the /SCRIPTS/Telemetry folder or change the path in the lua source file as appropriate.


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Created 2017-02-04
Created by boomerwing
Changed at 2017-02-04
Modified by boomerwing

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