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Toggle.zip Version:4.0
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Toggle.zip contains four OpenTX Lua Mix scripts which can be used to enhance the output of either a two position or three position switch.  Switch sh is a Momentary ON two position switch.  Switch se is a three position switch.  I have changed my se, installing a Momentary ON-OFF-Momentary ON switch in place of the ON-OFF-ON switch which came with the Taranis giving me three Momentary ON positions on the TX.

The 3Toggle Script creates three toggle outputs for switch sh.  The  4Toggle Script creates four toggle outputs for switch se (You can easily change the script to control any of the three position switches.)  The 3HToggle script and 3LToggle script can be combined to create six independent outputs from one double throw switch.  The outputs of the script can be used to drive a mixer switch or an input to a Logical Switch.  An eepe file is included to show how the functions can be integrated into the OpenTX environment.

Each output can be changed independent of the other outputs.  This functionality can also be implemented using just Logical Switch Edge Functions but it was fun to do it in Lua.  If for nothing else, these functions give an interesting look at Lua scripting for OpenTX.


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Created 2016-12-27
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