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DLG Flight Graph for OpenTX 2.1 Version:2.2
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Based on the script of filago (http://rcsettings.com/index.php/viewdownload/13-lua-scripts/217-dlg-flight-graph-for-opentx-2-0-x)

This telemetry script plots each flight for review before the next launch.

  • The graph auto-scales both the time and altitude in real time as needed to fit all data.
  • The X and Y axis scales are reset for each flight.
  • There is no reasonable limit to time or altitude that will be displayed (although Y-axis scale numbers are not positioned for 4 digits (1000+ ft.)
  • At the end of the flight, the graph and flight data are "frozen" for review, until reset by putting the Tx in "launch" flight mode (Switch F towards  from you)
  • Launchnr is a script variable and reset after reloading the script (so no longer a GVAR
  • Script is now in metric
  • Start of flight (launch) is automatically triggered by altitude exceeding a threshold (e.g. 2 meter)
  • End of flight is triggered the same way (going below the same threshold)
  • Launch height is captured at the first decrease in altitude after launch.
  • If the flight altitude later exceeds the launch height, a separate maximum height is displayed.
  • There is a live altitude display, to verify that the ground altitude is ~0 before launch.
  • Plane Voltage and Timer 2 values are displayed at the bottom of the data area.
  • Demo mode has been removed
  • Almost every code line is commented, because I'm not really a programmer and I need comments to keep track of things :)
  • There was a lot of screen flicker which now is resolved.
  • I have set up a github (but hardly know what I am doing...)

Please note that this script has some requirements of the OpenTx model program that it will run with, so you may need to make some changes (either to your model program or this script) to make it work.  As written, here's what the script expects:

  • Switch F pushed up is launch mode.
  • A1 is the voltage to display.
  • Timer 2 is the timer to display.
I am a novice in both Lua and DLG, so I'm sure this code can be improved from both aspects.  Any suggestions are welcome.
And one final thing:  
  • Currently the data cannot be retrieved once the graph is reset.  I have an idea to store previous graph data in order to review multiple flights after landing.  I'd be interested to know if that would be useful.


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Created 2016-11-15
Created by Red_Devil
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