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FrSky Telemetry for Pixhawk Version:1.0
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The interface displays the following information on the Taranis LCD:

  • Flight mode (+Simple/SuperSimple)
  • Flight timer as determined by autopilot (paused when landed)
  • RC link signal quality
  • RC transmitter battery voltage
  • Heads-Up display (HUD) – similar to Mission Planner’s HUD and extremely fast 24+Hz update rate!
    • Heading and compass bezel
    • Pitch and roll
    • Altitude and horizontal speed
  • Battery information (requires power module and battery mAh to be configured in Mission Planner)
    • Battery pack voltage
    • Average cell voltage (or lowest cell voltage if a FrSky LiPo voltage sensor is connected)
    • Current/power draw
    • Number of cells in battery pack
    • Lowest recorded or nominal battery pack and cell voltages
    • Highest current/power draw
    • Remaining battery capacity bar
  • Vehicle position
    • Orientation relative to home position
    • Distance from home
    • Distance above ground (if equipped with a range finder)
  • GPS signal quality
    • GPS fix indicator (no GPS, no fix, 2D, 3D)
    • Number of satellites or HDOP
  • MAVLink messages
    • Alerts and error messages (same as Mission Planner)
    • Failsafe flags
    • Information messages

The scripts also provide audible sound alerts consisting of:
• Flight mode (e.g., “stabilize,” “loiter”),
• “Normal/simple/super simple mode,”
• “Armed”/“disarmed,”
• “Landing complete” each time the copter lands (which pauses the flight timer)
• “Message received” each time a MAVLink message is received,
• “Battery at 50%,”
• “Battery warning” when 25% is left,
• “Battery low” if the lowest cell voltage is below the [LowVx10] value,
• “Battery critical” if the lowest cell voltage is below the [CritVx10] value,
• “Battery failsafe” which repeats every [RepeatT] seconds if triggered,
• “EKF failsafe” which repeats every [RepeatT] seconds if triggered.

The parameters in brackets can be configured from the Taranis, and the sounds can be disabled altogether.

FrSky Telemetry cable and user interface script available for purchase at: www.craftandtheoryllc.com


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Created 2015-11-14
Created by craftandtheory
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