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F3K launch tracker Version:1.2
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The script detects a launch and automatically determines the maximal hight.

In the middle of the screen you can see your actual height and on the right side the last 6 hights are archived. 

The launch detection is enabled by switch "SF".  Then the script waits for a high lift rate.
Currently the sensitivity can be modified by the "S1" potentiometer. (Turn left for more sensitivity. Turn right for less.) Once more people used the script the variability may be removed because we found a good value which is usable for all.

After the high lift phase the script waits until the climbing rate goes below zero. This is the sign for the lady to announce the actual hight and to store it in the stack on the right side.

The script has to be enabled again by the "SF" switch to start from beginning



  • opentx-taranis*-*-lua-en-2.1.3.bin or higher
  • A FrSky variometer. (I didn't check other vendors)
  • A good idea to reset the variometer each time you enter flight mode "launch"
    I use the "SF" switch for launch detection and I set the logical switch "L9" for 0.2s.
    L9 resets the "Alt" an "VSpd" values. This guarantees a zero height for each throw. If you use other switches you have to adapt the "launch_id" in the script.


  • Install the script on your SD card under /SCRIPTS/TELEMETRY/vario1.lua
  • In the telemetry section enable the "Alt" and "VSpd" sensors.
  • Switch your Taranis to Measurement Units = "imperial" in the General Section if you want to use "feet"
  • The custom screen type is: "script" (You should see the vario1 script in the drop down menu.)

Happy launching



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