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Two Decimal Voltage Announce Version:1.1
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The file is annotated.  Edit it to specify the voltage channel ("Cels", "Cel-", etc. ) and the physical switch ("sa", "sb", etc.) or logical switch ("ls1", "ls2", etc.) you want to use to activate the voice announcement.  Then set up a SF that plays this script when the switch is active.


You may also want to edit the variable delay_val, which is the minimum delay between announcements.  Mine is set at 5 sec, which works for two different kinds of announcements.  I have a momentary switch short pull LS that will play a single voltage announcement.  I also have a LS triggered by hitting the minimum cell landing voltage, which repeats every 5 secs.  You can change this interval to whatever you want, but you need a non-zero value here to avoid multiple announcements for every switch activation, due to the loop speed.  


Put the script in SD/SCRIPTS/FUNCTIONS. Note that if you activate without any telemetry inputs (including in Taranis simulator), you will only hear "zero zero volts". You need a non-nil 2-decimal value in the channel buffer for it to work correctly.  If you have problems getting Companion 2.1.3 to see the file, try putting a second copy in your SD/SCRIPTS folder and reloading the model file.  Once it gets mapped as an available script, you can delete the second copy (strange but it works for me).


V1.1 REVISION:  File name shortened.  Logic reorganized slightly to make modification easier.  No functional changes.


Have fun.


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Created 2015-10-08
Created by kapu
Changed at 2015-10-08
Modified by kapu

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#1 Joe 2016-01-22 04:53
HI there. Running this with OpenTX 2.1.7 and Amber voice and after setting a function using this script it announces the voltage as x.x - so only 1 decimal place. Thats better than I had. Before it would only announce 12 volts or 11 volts. This script added an additional decimal place but the voltage it reads out doesn't match the sensor. Its off by .20 volts or so. Also, I'm just using a simple voltage divider and measuring pack voltage from A2. If you could steer me in the right direction I would be very grateful.

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