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altitude/vario clock with graph Version:1.1
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This was a joint effort, Jenny did the gauges originally, opentx made the graph in another script, Nigelsheffield made the bmps, drawn background and put it all together in one script , changing the colour and look and removing the 1m hand for clarity.

Instructions are included in the script, 2 versions are included, one drawn altimeter another using bmp for your choice.

You can change a number on the first line to control the speed of the graph, 100 = 1 minute, 1000 = 10 mins etc.


So put bmp files in SCRIPTS/BMP,

put .lua files in SCRIPTS/modelname and remane them telem1 to telem7 as needed.


quick update v1.1 noticed hands were not aligned and dissapeared when overlapping once on tx so fixed it!




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Created 2014-10-05
Created by nigelsheffield
Changed at 2014-10-05
Modified by nigelsheffield

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