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Since August 1st, it's prohibited in Switzerland to fly over a group of person with remote controled flying machine. For exemple, flying over the terrasse of a restaurant is prohibited. This restiction apply on airplane, drone or helicopter over 500gr. The minimal distance with the people is 100 meters.

So, I have developped this LUA telemetry srcipt for OpenTx which alert me when the distance of my airplane and defined GPS point is less than the defined distance.

This script add a new telemetry screen giving the name of the place, the actual distance and the minimal distance.

At the beginning of the script, there is a table where you can define one or more GPS point. For each GPS point, you have to define :
- the name of the place (displayed on the telemetry screen)
- the GPS point : latitude, longitude (same format as in google map, a simple copy/past is OK)
- the distance (in meter)
- the full path of the audio file for the alert (you can reuse the same file foreach point or specific file)

In the script, you can also define a logical switch. When this switch is ON, the vocal alert is OFF

Installation :
- adapte the script with your own retricted area and with the LS you wangt to use
- rename the script telemN.lua (N between 1 and 7)
- copy the script in the folder /SCRIPTS/model_name (becarefull space in the model name is replaced by underscore)
- place your audio file in the folder /SCRIPT/AUDIO (or where you want, it's just an idea)


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Created 2014-09-03
Created by Sacre100
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#2 Ian Harris 2015-06-15 12:33
Another question of a more general nature this time. I assume the line: SilenceSwitch = "ls32" refers to logical switch 32? i.e. if it's ON then the script won't announce anything? So I could allocate ls32 to a switch and control voice announcements that way? Apologies for the basic questions, I'm pretty new at this.
Thanks, Ian
#1 Ian Harris 2015-06-15 04:59
Hi Sacre100,
I would like to use your script but I have a questions. My GPS location according to Google Earth is 37°37'25.27"S and 145° 7'38.68"E. However it seems I can't add the "S" or "E" to the location in the script, it looks like it wants a number. Can I just enter 37.372527 and 145.073868 as the location? Thanks, Ian

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