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Simple Background Music Player Version:1.0
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1. Place Music.lua file in \\SCRIPTS\MIXES
2. Copy the sample.wav files into your \\SOUNDS\language directory. E.g. \\SOUNDS\EN or \\SOUNDS\DE
3. add music.lua to your TX Custom Scripts menu
and select the positon where the Special Function should be created (default: SF64)
4. take a look into your TX Special Functions menu where you should see the created SF at your choosen position
5. as long as Switch E is in the "Middle" position, it will shuffel around what you will see in the Special Functions menu
6. as soon as Switch E is in the "Up" position, it will stop shuffel and start playing background music
7. replace the sample music files (M01.wav - M10.wav) with your sound files
8. see comments in music.lua where you need to make changes if you want to add more music files or select an other switch which will trigger select and play your music files
9. Have Fun!


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Created 2014-08-27
Created by Infinity
Changed at 2014-09-02
Modified by Infinity

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#2 Enrique Iglesias 2020-03-06 09:14
Verion 1.1 work perfect on OTX235, in X9E. (06/03/2020)
#1 arateo 2015-05-07 10:02
ciao a tutti ..ottimo lavoro
mi servirebbe con :
switch SC^ BgMusic off
switch SC- BgMusic on +increment
switch SC +100 up

via email
ringrazio anticipatamente

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